Hollywood and Laguna.

On Saturday was the Hollywood day, all girls cramed in to barbaras car the hole way to the ranch. My horse was named Ace, and he is one beautiful boy. Iven thou he freak me out most of the time cause he walked just be the edge and one wrong step would have killed us both. But luckely we both came back intaced.  After the riding we went to The Grove to eat, at Johnny Rockers. it was so fun to spend a day with al the girls. Getting to know them and hopefully we are getting to getter again this week to celebrate Carolines b-day.

Later Barbara droped us of at the train station, but not before we got out from the trafic jam, we where in line for about one hour. Thank god for radio and good company. At the Irvine train station Jane picked us up, she had the kids with here, they are just so cute.

Yesterday, was a very good day, I told Eric on like Friday that I would like to go to Ikea and by some Swedish food like caviar. so he took me there yesterday, but he did so much more, he gave me a tour of the cost. we crosed along Laguna Beach where we stoped for some shake, the along Newport beach you know where the O.C was filmed. Then we went to Ikea where I got Eric to try the meatballs and Lingonberry jam. he liked it but I dident, in some way they manage to take away all the flawors. It dident taste anything, not the meatball, nor the jam or sauce. And they dont serve potatos thats bad, Now i really need to cook meatballs so that the family gets to taste how they are suppost to taste like.

Untill next time...
                Take care and be safe...
                                          Mollie out...


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