Ok I have got many emails from people that says that I am Bad at updating my blogg. well, I have just got here and I got my own computer accest just yesterday. So now I am really going to start blogging about my time.

Its still early its just 9 am and the girls are at school until 3 pm so I am going to find myself something to do. As I said yesterday, the weather has been a little bad, its been raining. But I thing that the sun is going to shine today, It is at least wormer. But I dont intend to walk outside until the temp gets a little higher, so I think am just going to read a book or something.

Friday is coming up rapetly and I am really eccated about the Party at Joys, I am finelly going to meet the other aupairs and hopefully get a little friend circul. It is getting a little boring not knowing anyone except for the family.
And then the closter meeting with trail riding with hot cowboys, Me like...

We will see if something exiting happends during the day,

Until next time, take it easy and be safe.

Mollie Out...


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