New Old Friends

So today started a little bit better then the other days I got to slepp one extra hour, but still I was upp at the same time. But I could get ready in my own time. Eric droped of A at school, while I toke K.
When I got back  home, The cleaning lady Sarah was there and Eric intresuced us. After that we, me and Eric, satt of the pick up all the thing from the girls floor. Something they should have done so that Sarah could clean, but didnt. One thing is for chore, when they get home they are going to clean and sort out there things. Pigs Live in cleaner places.

Then When Eric went of to work I went to the computer, I have found that its a little overlap so that I can talk to people back home, before thay go to bed. Yesterday I spoke to my sister Ullis, she was trying on her prom dress and ofcourse I wanted pic of it. It I really beautiful cant way to see how it will look with the hair and makeup. Can anyone say PromQween. I am just sorry I cant be there to see you for myself.

Yesterday and to day I spend talking to Marcus, god I havent seen him in like forever. But like always with me and Marcus, it dosent meeter that we havent seen one and other in a long time. We just started talking like no time had passed. That whats one of the thing that I like about him, maybe we dont see one and other that often. But the time spened apart dont effect our friendship. And he always have had a special talent for making me smille,  and thats not a bad thing.

Eric alsow alowed Emmi to sleep over tomorrow after Joys welcome party, so that we can go to Hollywood for the trail riding together. I hope that the other girls have cameras cause I want to have a memory of this.

Well Now I have to get back to work.

Mollie Out..


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